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FREE FONTS + Update log

FREE FONTS: Use the links below to download FREE fonts from me! 

Download Here: Get Me Some Croissants!

Ultron: Peace In Our Time - Inspired by the legendary battle in What If.... Ultron has obtained the infinity stones, and fashioned himself a new weapon..... will you be able to harness it yourself and stop him?


A log of all font updates and additions that are made will be shown here. You can always re-download the font using the dropbox link provided at time of purchase!

9/16/21- Agony Hum 2 Updated and revised, replaced hum on VERSO with Hum 2 from Proffie and CFX.

9/27/21- Phoenix Redemption updated font.wav, added hum, updated blade style for Proffie.

11/29/21- Updated accent swings for AGONY

12/18/21 - New Smoothswings added to Phoenix Redemption

2/12/22 - Golden Harvest v3 and Xenopixel soundfont packs added for FREE to Stasis, Destabilize, and Kaiju Killer. Check your dropbox link for a free download of these additions.

4/13/22 - ALL Fonts to date now contain Xeno and GHv3 formats. Check your dropbox link to download these versions.

6/2/22 - ALL Xenopixel versions now have accent swings included. No need to convert.